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Jun. 10th, 2010

Davis -hmph-

Digimon Memorial Book!!!

I'm happy that I purchased the latest Digimon book! Its full of character linearts and info!!!
Every Digimon fan should own this :)

Sep. 27th, 2009

Davis -hmph-

Digimon Adventure 02 episode 22 released!!!

Yeah, we are back from exams etc :)

Digimon Adventure 02 Episode 22 download link

After downloading support us by seeding the file :)

Expect movie 1-2 this week :3

Visit us at http://madaomon.blogspot.com/

May. 25th, 2009

Davis -hmph-

Digimon Adventure episode 48 released!

I hope everyone will like our release too!

Without further talk here is the link for episode 48 :)


The Greek subs will be ready sometime after the English release ;)

Blog: http://madaomon.blogspot.com/

Mar. 9th, 2009

Davis -hmph-


I heard today the full version of Merry "Christmas Mr. Lawrence - FYI" from  Utada Hikaru!! 
I loved it and i think it shows that this album will have more "utada" than the previous english album!

Im waiting for the japanese relase (14 Mar) and i have already pre-ordered the CD :D
This album is for sure "[this is] the one" for utada in the US market!!!

Feb. 21st, 2009

Davis -hmph-

MADAOmon: The Road to Digi-World!!

Yup! Its true! The coolest fansub group (One-man group to be honest XD) is HERE!!!
Soon my first release will be ready. Its the 3rd Digimon movie!!!
The ones that are available doesnt have the best translation ever,and its nice to have it with better quality :3

I work hard with a friend of mine to translate every line and the songs! Seriously: Karaoke,Timing and translation, i never  thought that it will be so hard to do it. But I think i did a great job in those things (and i dont hide it, i checked theryuu_rogue releases to see how they did the karaoke,the attack moves etc :3 Thanks for your awesome work btw ryuu_rogue  :D)

PS:  The subs will be in Greek :3 I dont know if i must make it in english yet or if I do it at all :D

Jun. 9th, 2008

Davis -hmph-


At last! i Finished the digimon manga/comic...Im very happy for this.
I'll continue with full speed :P and i hope the next chapter will not released next year :3

The first chapter is in DATS forum and in the WtW forum as well.
Here ,download links :3

(There is a sub-forum in DATS too,so if you want write a comment there :3)

Jun. 4th, 2008

Davis -hmph-


I havent finished yet the Digimon fan-manga >.< GOMEN! m(. .)m

I have so much to do these weeks! Also i find out that the psd files didnt have the finished versions O_O
I had to do some previous pages too + the 2-3 pages that i had to finish.
Anyway, the project is already in a good way and i hope to finish those last 2-3 soon :)
I made the logo these days too. The full title is: Digimon Tamer: Milleniumons Menace
(if someone knows japanese tell me if the title is correct [kanji etc])
I'll add english letters later :P


May. 19th, 2008

Davis -hmph-

Update :P


I was supposed to finish the first chapter for "Digimon: Milleniummon's Menace" 7 days ago :P
I didnt add in my schedule the "study" for the upcoming exams though :3. Meh~!
Anywayz, i already finished the "heavy coloring stuff " and there are left some minor stuff to take care.

Take a taste from the first double page :3
Also note that i dont know how to draw agumon very well,so you must accept the fact that he doesnt have many
expressions :X
SFX: dododododo~!  the other one i think its SFX: Doka :3
Direct  Link to image if you want to take a better look :3

May. 9th, 2008

Davis -hmph-

Digimon fan manga...

Im here again :D

I dont see many excited people in Dats about the "Ryo & Digivice" page i posted there   :P It doesnt matter,in other forum,i announced this project and they were very interested and i read many good posts over there. I guess in Dats they wait for the chapter to be released to make some posts to write their opinions...
I was thinking about a name for this comic/manga. Some of them are: Digimon A.C. Tamer (Anode.Cathode,but it reminds me Air Condition too,so i think its not that good idea :P), Digimon:Millennium, Digimon: Millenniumon's Menace... I need to make a logo asap :D

May. 6th, 2008

Davis -hmph-

Long time :3

Its been  a while since i wrote something over here *checks the page*. NOVEMBER 2007 was the last entry from me :)

Many-many things happened! (i'll write only the "fan" related news though ;3)
*AT LAST Digimon Next manga project is finished! (i manage to make a colored version for the last cover,i think its good. check it out in digistarlight.net :3 )
*I have a PS3 and a PSP and im very happy for this. I still play some games in PS2 though ;3
*I plan to buy the Digimon Adventure 02 Box-set *drools* (322 euro T_T )
*Im working again in my comic/manga *yaaay*
*Im still working in Digimon Anode/cathode Tamer fan-manga. I hope this week i'll finish it :3
*A new Prince of Persia will be released at the end of the year!!
*Im waiting AGAIN for the new NARUTO game in PS3
*Im waiting for the new Kingdom Hearts game in PSP too T_T >.<
*ryuu_rogue released the 36-39 batch torrent for Digimon Adventure

I have forgot many news,but i guess those were the major ones :P

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